Woman accused of trying to kidnap woman's baby daughter in Denver

Posted at 10:56 AM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 13:50:16-04

DENVER – A woman who is a fugitive from Texas was arrested Sunday after she allegedly tried to steal a woman’s baby from her while she pushed the baby in a stroller near her home.

Kelly Rae Gregory appeared in court Friday for her second advisement on one charge of attempted second-degree kidnapping, a class 5 felony, in the case. Colorado court records also indicate she is a fugitive, and Texas state court records show prior convictions there.

According to a probable cause statement for Gregory’s arrest, a woman had left the shelter and was pushing her baby down the street when Gregory came up to her and asked if she could hold the woman’s baby daughter.

Denver7 is not naming the location in Denver at which the incident occurred to protect the woman, who agreed to speak to Denver7 on the condition she not be identified because she has been the victim of domestic violence in the past and has been staying at a women's shelter.

"She knows exactly where I live. She knows exactly what my car looks like. She knows where I parked my car every day, not to mention the fact that she was standing outside of our house," the woman said. "It was just very creepy."

After Gregory asked about holding the baby girl, the woman told her, “No, we are in a hurry,” according to the police statement. But Gregory continued hanging around and followed the woman as she ran her errand.

Gregory at one point grabbed the woman, moved her out of the way of the stroller and started pushing it down the sidewalk. The woman yelled at Gregory, “Get away from my child!” and pushed her away to regain control of the stroller and her child, the police report says.

After police were called and arrived to the scene, the woman identified Gregory as the person who tried to steal her baby, the police report says.

It also says that the woman and her child were unharmed in the incident. The woman recounted the attack and talked about how it has affected her in the days since in an interview with Denver7.

“I’m still having great anxiety about it. At first, when it first happened, it wasn’t really real. But as the days have gone by I’ve gotten, like, more and more anxiety about it,” she said. “It’s just not something you expect to go through in the middle of the afternoon – or ever.”

Gregory is next due in court Sept. 11 for a preliminary hearing in the case. Court records indicated Friday morning she is being held as a fugitive without bond.

“I don’t think she should be out here on the streets. She could take any child,” the baby’s mother told Denver7. “It’s hard for me to even drop her off at daycare now. Yesterday, I picked her up from daycare early. I haven’t really been sleeping good but she sleeps with me so it makes me feel a little better.”