Vandals destroy Donald Trump supporter's truck in Parker

Posted at 5:14 PM, Jan 20, 2017

PARKER, Colo. -- Dime-sized dents cover what's left of Todd Stockton's truck.

On Thursday night, someone vandalized his Toyota Tacoma, which was parked outside his home off East Sundance Trail in Parker. He woke up Friday morning to find "F-Trump" and "Jerk" spray painted on the body, his tires slashed, mirrors shattered and the inside seats slashed up with a sharp weapon.

"They destroyed my truck," Stockton said. "This truck was in great condition. It's only got 80,000 miles on it."

Stockton said it's all because he supports President Donald Trump and said it's no coincidence the vandals hit the night before the presidential inauguration. Up until about two months ago, he parked his truck on corners in Parker with a mannequin in the back waving a pro-Trump sign.

"We were just hoping to draw attention to Trump. Some people loved it, others didn't, but there was no confrontation," Stockton said.

That is until sometime Thursday night. Stockton said he heard his dogs barking around 10:15 p.m. and that this morning, he found another clue. Someone dropped a wallet next to his truck and inside it was an ID.

"The man's last name was 'Hayter' and as you can see they wrote 'hater' on the front of my truck," Stockton said.

The vandals caused about $8,000 in damages. It's still unclear whether insurance will cover those costs. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is now investigating the case.

As for the "hater," Stockton has a message of his own.

"Come see me. Come talk to me. Let's have a conversation; let's not hate each other. Let's have a deep conversation about what you believe," Stockton said.


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