Teen charged in multiple arson cases in town of Superior

Posted at 9:49 AM, Jan 18, 2019

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — A teenager turned himself in and was arrested in connection to a series of arson crimes in Superior this past summer.

The 15-year-old turned himself in to authorities at the Juvenile Assessment Center at the Boulder County Justice Center on Thursday, according to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. He is accused of several crimes related to arson and burglary in the town of Superior.

On Aug. 13, 2018, several residents in the neighborhoods North Torreys Peak and Castle Peak reported instances of arson.

A resident on the 3000 block of Castle Peak Avenue reported that somebody had committed first-degree arson on their decks and set fire to the ground of their back yard.

Another person, who lives along the 3000 block of Huron Peak Place, said somebody had committed the same crime and set fire to their deck and staircase. In addition, some of their patio furniture was burned.

A third person, who also lives on the 3000 block of Huron Peak Place, said part of their deck was damaged from a fire.

About a month later on Sept. 20, a person reported that an arson had occurred in a house located along the the 3100 block of Castle Peak Avenue, according to the sheriff's office. An accelerant had been poured on the staircase and set on fire. Once the stairs had ignited, the suspect took a pillow from a nearby couch and placed it on the fire to fuel it. Authorities said because the suspect entered the home unlawfully, they would face charges of second-degree burglary.

The final crime happened in the Castle Peak subdivision on Sept. 24 on Shale Court. The residents saw the suspect on a doorbell video trying to break into the residence.

Detectives with Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, the Boulder County Multi-Agency Fire Investigation Team and an arson investigator with Longmont Public Safety investigated the crimes.

After the teen turned himself in, he was charged with the following:

  • Three counts of first-degree arson
  • Second-degree burglary
  • Fourth-degree arson
  • Attempted second-degree burglary
  • Attempted first-degree arson
  • Attempted first-degree criminal trespassing
  • Second-degree arson
  • Knowingly set fire to any woods or prairie

Because the teen is a juvenile, police will not release his name.