Retired teacher accused of using teen girls to sell drugs in Elbert County

Suspect: I'm trying to help people with autism
Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-10 12:31:44-04

ELBERT COUNTY -- A retired teacher is accused of using teenage girls to help sell drugs.

John Metty, 59, of rural Parker, was arrested in early August following a raid on his residence at 414 Meadow Station Circle.

"We knew there was a raid when we saw all the armored vehicles at his residence," one neighbor told Denver7.

Another neighbor said they've noticed the smell of cultivated marijuana wafting over from his property.

"We think he was growing it in the barn behind his house."


Metty's arrest affidavit says investigators learned that an 18-year old girl was going to purchase approximately two ounces of marijuana from Metty on July 26.

Sheriff Shayne Heap, a Sergeant and several deputies responded, and began conducting surveillance.  They observed the 18-year old show up with two other young women in the car, all under 21.

The women left a few minutes later.  

The sheriff stopped them for speeding and noticed the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.

The 18-year old admitted purchasing the marijuana from Metty.

Investigators reviewed text messages between the Metty and the teen.  They showed she asked Metty if she could purchase two ounces when she got off work, and he replied, what time?

Suspect surprised

When a Denver7 crew knocked on his door Monday afternoon, Metty sounded flabbergasted by the allegation that he was using teenage girls to sell drugs.

He admitted growing marijuana but said his operation is legal.

"They made up a plant count," he said. "They counted dead plants as live ones."

Metty declined an on-camera interview but told Denver7 that he's trying to help people.

"This is CBD (cannabidiol oil,)" he said. "It's designed to help people with autism."

Court Case

Metty has been charged with nine counts ranging from distributing marijuana concentrate to a minor to cultivating marijuana - 30 or more plants, and from possession of a controlled substance to possession of drug paraphernalia.

The former math teacher is free on $5,000 bond.

He's due back in court on December 6.