Registered sex offender sentenced to 22 years in prison for trafficking two teenage girls in Aurora

Posted at 2:53 PM, Jul 25, 2019

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. – A 32-year-old man who was already a registered sex offender was sentenced Thursday to 22 years in prison for trafficking two girls, aged 14 and 15, and sexually assaulting them in an Aurora garage.

Raymond Fredericks, 32, pleaded guilty in May to one count of human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude, a class 2 felony, as part of a plea deal.

The district attorney’s office says Fredericks had previously been forced to register as a sex offender because of a 2009 case.

According to police and prosecutors, Fredericks had been in contact with the two girls in the latest case for about a year when he picked them up in April 2018, took them to his home in Aurora and sexually assaulted both of them in his garage.

“After being released from treatment, he reverted to the problem that got him into trouble the first time. He immediately got back on line and engaged in the same behavior,” said Senior Deputy District Attorney Christopher Rossi of Fredericks’ past and latest crimes.

He asked the judge for the maximum 24-year sentence in order to protect the community, saying that Fredericks “cannot be trusted to be in the community with these sexual issues he is dealing with.”

Judge Robert Ramirez handed Fredericks a 22-year prison sentence.

“No sentence will put these little girls back to where they were,” Ramirez said.