Project Unsolved: Father forgives person who murdered his only son, still seeks justice 13 years later

Sam Cameron was killed before his twins were born
Posted at 12:53 PM, Mar 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-02 01:08:04-05

DENVER – Forgiveness didn’t come right away, but the family of Samuel Cameron has learned to forgive his killer even though they don’t know who that person is.

“I’ve forgiven the person whoever it was, I’ve forgiven him. I couldn’t walk around with that eating at me,” said Sam Hawkins, Cameron’s father as he described the initial anger which followed him around after the murder.

Cameron was 25 years old when someone shot him and left him for dead near his car, in an alley near Pennsylvania and Bayaud. He was killed on August 23, 2005.

His family believes whoever murdered the young father was in the backseat waiting for the right moment to end his life. They say someone else was in the passenger seat too.

“He was shot twice and it appeared that it was from the person in the backseat, because it was in the back of his head,” said Hawkins.

Project Unsolved: Father forgives person who murdered his only son, still seeks justice 13 years later

They said he was robbed but don’t know what the motive was for the killing.

“And then they drug (sic) him out of the car and that’s where they left him and robbed him. He had a watch and some money that we know for sure was not there,” said Sharon Hawkins, his stepmom.

They also think it must’ve been someone he knew because you wouldn’t let just anyone in your car.

“So he trusted him, yeah it was horrible to think about that. And to think that someone you trust to take your life like that,” said Sam Hawkins.

Cameron left behind a wife who was pregnant with twin girls. He was murdered a month before they were born. More than a decade later, his oldest child is getting ready to graduate high school and the murder remains unsolved.

The Denver Police Department would not do any interviews at this time because they’re still working the case. A spokesperson said, “unfortunately detectives can’t discuss it due to the nature of investigative work that is presently occurring.”

“It’s a solvable case, they reassured me that it is,” said Sam Hawkins.

His family continues to wait, knowing the killer is probably out there and someone with information is out there too. They’re hopeful the passing of time could lead to more tips.

“As alliances break down and stuff like that, that someone will come forward and there’s not going to be any resolution, it’s not going to bring my kid back, you know that’s definite... but to hold someone accountable you know,” said Sam Hawkins.