Denver PD officer hit, injured after trying to stop 4 motorcycles driving on closed road

Posted at 5:31 PM, Aug 12, 2017

DENVER – A Denver Police Department officer was injured after being hit by a motorcycle which was driving on a closed road Saturday afternoon.

The officer was hit after trying to stop four motorcycles riding on a closed Colorado Classic race route at Speer Boulevard and Zuni Street, according to a DPD official. The officer and a motorcyclist were taken to a hospital.

The officer and the motorcyclist were taken to a hospital with non-serious bodily injuries, the DPD official said in a statement.

A second motorcyclist was taken into custody at 32nd Avenue and Federal, police said in a tweet.

Barrinder Singh owns a convenient store on the corner of Speer Boulevard and Zuni Street, and was there when the crash happened. 

"I heard a loud noise and I ran outside," Singh said. "When I got outside I saw the officer on the ground."

Singh then asked a lady what happened. 

"She told she saw a motorcycle driver hit the officer, and he did a few flips and landed on the ground," Singh said. 

Denver7 obtained security footage of the scene moments after the crash from Singh. 

The footage shows the officer on the ground while other officers check to see if the officer is okay. Moments later an ambulance arrived. 

"I just hope he's okay and able to return to duty," Singh said. 

The incident remains under investigation.

There are currently two outstanding motorcyclists who were involved with this incident that are still at-large, police said. 

The motorcyclist who allegedly hit the officer was booked on investigation of vehicular assault and felony eluding.