Passenger: Man assaulted women, urinated aboard Frontier flight

Flight was going from Denver to South Carolina
Posted at 5:46 PM, May 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 00:51:09-04

DENVER – A passenger aboard a Frontier Flight heading from Denver to Charleston, S.C. on Thursday, claims a man allegedly assaulted two women and then urinated on another passenger’s seat.

Pictures obtained by Denver7 show the man, identified Monday as Michael Allen Haag, being taken away by police once Frontier Flight 864 landed in Charleston.

The pictures provided by the passenger show the man urinating on the seat in front of him and also show him getting escorted by police.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson did not comment on the specific details of the incident when asked for comment but said they were aware of the situation.

“The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. We have been made aware of this situation and are working with the appropriate authorities.”

According to an affidavit obtained by Denver7 Monday, witnesses told authorities that Haag ordered a double shot of vodka and tonic during the first drink service on board the flight. 

Shortly after, Haag began making crude comments about his reason for traveling to Charleston, saying he was meeting an old girlfriend and was very "physically excited," the document read.

According to the affidavit, Haag had ordered a second double shot of vodka and tonic and continued to harass — both physically and verbally — fellow passengers before he was placed in the back of the plane by flight attendants.

After the suspect was placed on the last row of the plane, he began to urinate on the seat in front of him, the document read. He was then moved toward the front of the aircraft.