Police: Centennial sex assault suspect in Kaiser Permanente bathroom attack: ‘I'm going to kill you'

Posted at 7:42 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 16:52:22-04

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — A man has been arrested after allegedly attacking a woman in the bathroom of a Kaiser Permanente facility.

Scott Parker Deering Buchanan, 33, was arrested by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office sometime Tuesday evening. Buchanan is accused of attacking a woman in the bathroom of a Kaiser Permanente medical facility in Arapahoe County earlier in the day.

He faces charges of sexual assault/overcoming victim’s will and sexual contact without consent.

According to a probable cause statement, Buchanan began punching the female Kaiser Permanente employee after she left the stall. The suspect was yelling “F—k you! F—k you! I’m going to kill you!” during the assault, the statement read.

The report states the victim was able to escape the bathroom and seek help. Buchanan left the restroom soon after the assault but was followed by two patients, one of whom videotaped the suspect running up the stairs in an apparent attempt to leave the scene.

According to the report, the video captured Buchanan telling the two patients that were following him, “I groped that lady, OK,” and, “It’s not me; I’m on meth.” He was also heard, according to the statement, yelling back to the patients, “I’m Scott Buchanan,” and, “I had no reason to violate her.”

According to the deputy’s report, when authorities caught up with Buchanan and placed him into custody, he stated that he was in the restroom to peek under the stalls. He told deputies that he attacked the victim “to try to have sex with her,” the statement read.

The report states the victim's left breast was bruised. Buchanan told investigators that he grabbed the victim's left breast during the attack. 

Deputies say Buchanan’s criminal history includes sex assault, sex offender registration and vehicle theft. It's not clear what he was doing at the Centennial facility. 

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, Buchanan's bond was listed at $100,000.

Kaiser released a statement to Denver7, which reads, “The safety of our members and staff is our top priority and we are committed to maintaining and promoting safe environments in all of our facilities. We can confirm that police have made an arrest in relation to an incident that occurred on Tuesday evening. We are cooperating with law enforcement and have no further information to share, as this is an ongoing investigation.”