Larimer County: Jail inmate assaults deputies while trying to cause harm to himself

Posted at 11:03 AM, Apr 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-01 13:12:13-04

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. – An inmate at the Larimer County Jail who was trying to cause harm to himself was charged with second-degree assault, after allegedly injuring three deputies inside a jail cell.

It happened Friday at around 11:35 a.m. after deputies responded to the maximum-security area of the Larimer County Jail, according to a press release from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said Anthony John Warren Stansberry, 27, had tied material from a mattress around his neck, which deputies quickly removed. The inmate was then transferred to a different area in the jail for closer observation.

But a short time later, deputies said Stansberry began to self-harm again by banging his head on a metal frame and attempting to cut his wrists.

Deputies said he spit at, attempted to bite, and fought with deputies as they restrained him. A padded helmet was even placed on Stansberry’s head to prevent him from further harming himself.

The release states he was able to free himself from the restraints and remove the helmet before allegedly threatening to assault deputies who entered the cell.

Stansberry then attempted to harm himself again by hitting his head before biting a deputy’s hand as they worked to restrain him again.

Medical staff was called in and Stansberry was freed from the restrains at approximately 1:40 p.m. – more than two hours after he initially began to harm himself, deputies said.

Three deputies sustained injuries including cuts, bruises, a bite and a knee injury. All three were taken to a local hospital for treatment and released, the statement reads.

“As a result of Stansberry’s actions, deputies will seek to add a new allegation of 2nd Degree Assault,” the press release states.

Stansberry was previously booked into the jail by Fort Collins Police Services on allegations of resisting arrest, obstruction, criminal mischief, and escape.

Bond has not been set in this case.