Jordan Vong case: Autopsy report released for 7-year-old Denver boy

Posted at 3:12 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 20:38:23-04

DENVER — An autopsy report found that 7-year-old Jordan Vong died of cervical compression.

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner released the report Thursday and also found Vong had abrasions along his neck, on his face, arms and foot, and bruises on his legs and back.

Vong’s 16-year-old aunt, Jennie Bunsom, is accused of his death. She was arrested Aug. 8, and charged as an adult with first-degree murder. She is awaiting a judge’s decision on whether or not the case will be sent back to juvenile court.

According to police and court documents, she killed Vong on Aug. 6, after he became upset when she refused to play video games with her and then hid his body in a portable closet inside her bedroom as police and FBI agents searched for the boy in the Montbello neighborhood surrounding his home. 

The documents said after Jordan stopped moving, Bunsom told police she put the body underneath her bed before removing it, wrapping it in a blanket and placing it in the closet.

Bunsom told investigators that she did not say a word to family members about what she allegedly did or where the body was hidden. Vong’s body was found by authorities the evening of Aug. 7, amid the execution of a search warrant.

Bunsom last appearance in court was on Aug. 24. The case is scheduled to begin Jan. 28 next year when Bunsom’s attorneys are expected to challenge prosecutors’ decision to direct-file adult charges against Bunsom.

The judge would then decide if the case should be sent back to juvenile court or if Bunsom will continue to face the adult charges in district court.