Continuing tire slashing drains wallets of Denver renters

Posted at 6:29 PM, Feb 06, 2017

DENVER -- Denver police say more than 38 vehicles were targeted by vandals in a tire-slashing spree over the past month and a half in a Denver neighborhood. 

Anthony Sanchez is not mincing words.

"For the people doing it, we're asking you to stop. You guys are costing us money that we don't have," Sanchez said.

His car was one of dozens police say were targeted by vandals in three separate tire slashing sprees at or near the Northfield Apartments. Police said the vandalism happened during the overnight hours on Dec. 31, Jan. 7, and Jan. 28 to cars parked on the street and in the north parking lot.

"They were making little cut holes at the bottom of the tire so people wouldn't be able to just fill them," Sanchez said.

One woman, who didn't want to be identified, said her car was first hit on New Year's Eve, then again at the end of January. She spent more than $600 replacing three tires.

"You're going, 'What in the world?'" she said. "The minute I saw it, I just started crying. All of this money being put out and then all of a sudden, again," the woman told Denver7.

Another resident said she had spent $700 in the past two months on new tires after she had to replace both her and her son's when theirs were slashed.

Denver police held a crime prevention meeting and encouraged residents to set up a neighborhood watch.  Residents said they were told the apartment complex plans to add more cameras.

The Northfield Apartment complex, located at 4900 Trenton St., began leasing to residents in December. It's an 84-unit affordable housing development and residents said they worry someone is lashing out because they didn't want the complex in their neighborhood.

"What a shame that people have to waste time like this just to ruin other peoples' days," Sanchez said.

On Tuesday, one resident said he believed he had seen the vandals overnight.

"There was two guys out there and they both take off running in separate directions when they see me. I'm assuming they had just got done hitting those cars because yeah, sure enough the next morning all of the cars were hit,” said Christian Tarango, who also had one tire on his car slashed.

Northfield at Stapleton Apartments released a statement following the rash of slashings.

"The safety and security of our residents is one of our top priorities and we sympathize with those whose property has been damaged in these recent incidents. This is why we had planned and are installing surveillance cameras throughout the property and further security measures are being evaluated. We are and will continue to work with law enforcement to keep our community a safe and family friendly neighborhood," a Northfield at Stapleton Apartment spokesperson wrote.

Denver police said they don't have any information on a suspect or suspects. If you have any information, call the District 5 tip line at 720-913-TIPS or 720-913-1494.  Those who call can remain anonymous.

— Who is responsible for this type of damage —

When renters' belongings incur damage, landlords in Colorado aren't responsible fiscally unless it can be proved the landlord has been negligent. 

In the case of vandals slashing tires, Colorado government sources suggest renters' insurance may be the best line of defense. 

According to the State of Colorado's Renters' Booklet, "Renters' insurance will protect you against loss of your property by fire or theft. It will also protect you against liability if someone claims you injured another person or damaged that person's property."

— Resources — 

Learn more about renting in Colorado here. 

To learn about how renters' insurance works in Colorado, read this. 


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