Brighton mom says son slapped by teacher; district says there is no proof

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 21:17:08-04

BRIGHTON, Colo. -- A Brighton mom says her 5-year-old son was slapped by a teacher at Northeast Elementary School, but 27J District officials say there is no proof.

Adriana Mendoza says that during recess, her son's friend was being picked on by other students. Her son, Didier, asked a teacher for help. Mendoza says the teacher slapped her son instead and told him to just go away.   

Mendoza says she brought her concerns to the district and school, but that not much was done.

“Because he wasn't knocked unconscious during the event and because he didn't have a bruise on his eye or his face, they told [me there was nothing they were going to do about it,” said Mendoza.

Adriana says her son is speaking the truth, and that the proof is in his changed behavior.

“He is taking therapy now because he got anxiety,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza took her son out of the school and says he will likely miss his preschool graduation.

In response, the district issued the following statement:

School District 27J was made aware of the accusation that a teacher struck a five-year preschool student during recess on Monday, May 8. The teacher in question was immediately placed on administrative leave. The Brighton Police Department conducted a thorough investigation and closed the case on Tuesday, May 9 due to a lack of evidence. School District 27J conducted its own internal investigation concluding that the teacher did not strike the student. The teacher returned to active duty on Thursday, May 11.