A spike in car break-ins is causing problems in Douglas County

Posted at 9:01 PM, Apr 12, 2017

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- Denver police say a man burglarized a home on the 500 Block of North Pearl Street and now a Highlands Ranch woman says she was a victim to the same man who broke into her car.

Heidi Rumsey says once the man broke into her car outside her Highlands Ranch home, he stole her purse and daughter’s backpack, then went on a shopping spree. 

“By 3:30 in the morning he had already charged $5,000 on the credit cards,” said Rumsey. 

Rumsey tracked the transactions to several stores that including Arapahoe Pawn shop, a liquor store and Murdochs, where she got a picture of him.

Rumsey told Denver7 what’s more disturbing to her is that she worries the same man could be victimizing other people. She said the man who Denver police say broke into a home resembles the man who broke into her car.

“It's just frightening to think about the fact that he is still on the loose,” said Rumsey.  

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is now looking into whether it’s indeed the same suspect as investigators continue to tackle the growing issue of car break-ins that have reached over 100 cars in March.

In January, 21 cars were broken into. Twenty-three were broken into in February. The number then jumps to 124 car break-ins March.

The sheriff’s office can’t pinpoint to us the exact reason behind the spike in car break-ins but tells Denver7 they are now dedicating officers to problem areas in the county. 

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