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Pikes Peak Summit House construction, a race against winter weather

Posted at 7:00 PM, Sep 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 15:41:54-05

Sticking to the construction work timeline on the new Pikes Peak Summit House will be highly dependent on what happens with the weather over the next couple of weeks.

The goal is to have the building closed-in by mid-October. Winter is approaching and crews are still making up for delays caused by severe weather through the summer.

The structure has to be sealed in order to have crews work inside and continue through the winter.

"If we can get that done, we can heat the building and we can start doing the plumbing. We can start doing the electrical," said Bradley Densmore, construction project specialist. "We can start doing all the interior things we need to do, but there's a lot to do before then."

Working through the winter as opposed to taking a break will prevent a delay of four to six months on the project timeline.

Here is what the new Summit Complex will offer:

  • Interactive Digital Displays: Visitors can learn about the history of the mountain through cool and engaging displays.
  • Extensive Viewing Areas: Visitors can enjoy multiple areas to view the expansive panorama, including sheltered areas and rooftop terraces.
  • Shopping and Dining: Hot donuts you love won’t disappear with the old Summit House. Souvenirs, t-shirts, homemade fudge and more will also still be available for visitors.
  • Sustainability: The plans have taken into account the best in energy, water and material conservation available with today’s technology. There is also room for adaptability in the future.

This construction project is the highest in the U.S. at 14,115 feet. Work began last year in June and is expected to take a total of three years to complete. For more information, click here .