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CPW abandons search for aggressive bear at Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Posted at 3:15 PM, Aug 12, 2019

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has called off the search for an aggressive bear at Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs.

CPW told News 5 that they have been unable to locate the bear since it had an encounter with a man and his dogs on Thursday, Aug. 8th. The agency has pulled all of the camera traps and foot snares they had placed in the park.

The night after the encounter, trackers with hounds were out in the park trying to locate the bear but were unsuccessful. After the hounds were unable to locate the bear, CPW placed camera traps and foot snares in the area the bear was encountered.

After the encounter on Aug. 8th, the city temporarily closed the Palmer Loop Trail and the Section 16 Trail on the south end of the park. Those trails have now been reopened.

As always, when hiking in or near bear country, you need to be bear aware. Hike in pairs, make noise, keep pets leashed, and be alert for wildlife.


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