Woman forced to shutter normal business creates gift baskets for those who need appreciation

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Posted at 4:55 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 21:34:49-04

The impacts of COVID-19 can be felt in many different ways. For some, it’s financially; while for others, it’s physical.

It’s important to remind each other how thankful we are for the hard work everyone is putting in – from teachers, to first responders and even the stay-at-home parents. One Boulder woman is using her temporarily out-of-business mobile bar to show thanks to the community.

Crystal Sagan is the owner and founder of Cocktail Caravan, a mobile bar based out of a 1969 travel trailer. Since she can’t conduct business as normal, she’s putting her cocktail mixes and connections to other businesses to good use.

Sagan is making gift baskets to give to people who she says need to feel appreciated.

“Obviously we’re not qualified to help on the front lines,” Sagan said. “There’s limited ways that we can help, but [we’re] making somebody who is working on the front lines just feel appreciated.”

She simply wants to put a smile on people’s faces – even if it’s not a sustainable business plan.

Earlier this week, she delivered gift baskets to two very deserving people.

Stephanie Kirmaier has been working nonstop since elective surgeries were put on hold to find work for what she calls her family. She’s found jobs for her employees within the hospital that allow them to continue to help and earn more than what unemployment would give them.

“I just feel very blessed that my team is like a family,” Kirmaier said. “It’s not I, it’s we. We do everything together, and I’m honored that they felt I deserved this.”

Cassandra Duarte was nominated by her boyfriend, who hasn’t seen much of her since the coronavirus impacted Colorado. She says he’s been there for her to just listen and take some of the stress away from long days in the emergency room.

“Having somebody who’s there at home to support you and take care of you really means a lot,” she said. “We spend most of our day caring for others, so when you come home it’s then really hard to care for yourself sometimes.”

Whether you’re working in a hospital, restaurant or just stuck at home with your kids, people like Sagan want you to know you’re appreciated.

If you’d like to nominate somebody for a gift basket, click here. Sagan says she’ll be delivering baskets through May 31, unless she can get more businesses involved.