Why Denver International Airport restaurants will stay open amid COVID-19 shutdown

Posted at 12:51 PM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 17:22:34-04

DENVER — After officials on Monday shut down all dining-in at Colorado bars and restaurants, many people wondered: Why are restaurants and bars still open at Denver International Airport?

The airport is exempt from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's eight-week shutdown of dining, along with Gov. Jared Polis' 30-day statewide suspension, "because of our unique need to provide food, products and services" to passengers and employees who spend extended time at the airport and don't have other food options, airport officials said in a statement Tuesday.

Still, the airport said it is taking several social distancing measures. Officials have asked restaurants to arrange tables and chairs so that people can maintain a distance of six feet apart, including in food court areas. They've also encouraged restaurants to "explore reducing table service and instead focus on take away food and drinks," the airport's statement said.

The airport asked retail outlets to maintain social distancing, too.

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