Wedding photographer turns to FaceTime to document ‘raw’ emotions of couples, families during COVID

Posted at 3:42 PM, May 01, 2020

DENVER — In late Spring, Jessica Christie’s schedule would normally be booked solid with engagement and wedding photo shoots. Since those can’t happen because of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the state, she’s turned to a new way to hold photo sessions: FaceTime.

“I’m in some photography groups on Facebook and I started to see this idea from some photographers to do photos over FaceTime,” she explained. “And I fell in love with it.”

Christie calls her client via FaceTime, and then gives directions to them on where to place the phone, where it should be pointed, and how to pose. She then snaps the photos through her desktop computer.

“Doing a session over FaceTime, there are some inconsistencies in the photo that you don’t really get with a real camera that gives the feeling and emotion of what we’re all feeling right now,” she said.

In the two weeks she’s been doing it, Christie said she has done sessions with couples, families, individuals, and even pets. Meg Delagrange posed with her sister, daughter, and puppy.

“I think this type of photo session really captures more of who you really are, in your element, and I think that’s something you want to be able to capture and remember,” she explained after the shoot via FaceTime.

Christie completes the whole process of the FaceTime call, photo session, and photo editing all from her Denver apartment. She says she’s had clients all over the country so far, since travels costs and time are no longer a factor.

“I think I’m just truly grateful to be able to continue to be a part of peoples lives,” she said.

The photos she captures are admittedly not perfect, but Christie said that’s not what it’s about. She’s managed to adapted her one-woman small business to not only stay open, but to be able to document people’s true feelings from their homes, all through their phones.

“I’ve never captured more raw, real photos than I have during FaceTime photo sessions,” she said.

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