Thinking about taking a road trip? Consider these recommendations to keep you and your family safe

Posted at 7:35 PM, May 20, 2020

Local health and safety experts issued COVID-19 safety recommendations to those considering a one-tank trip this coming Memorial Day weekend, or in the coming months.

Jim Garrity, AAA Public Affairs Manager, said that more people will soon hit the road for that interstate vacation, especially now that states have started to lift restrictions. .

Garrity said travelers need to do their homework before getting behind the wheel, making check calls and sending emails to insure crucial locations are open, and the verify COVID-19 protocols in other states on their itinerary.

“As you’re traveling, rest stops may be closed in another state that you go to you might not be ready for," Garrity said.

“That you’re well informed about the route, where you’re going to be, what’s different from from where you are.”

“Consider packing some additional sanitizer, face masks, gloves especially if you find out the places that you’re going along the way have stricter regulations."

Garrity recommended contacting a travel agent to help research your road trip.

Dr. Keith Armitage, Director, University Hospitals Row Green Center for Travel Medicine said road travelers need to continue to practice social distancing and wear masks when among people that are not part of their travel group.

Dr. Armitage said it's a good idea to sanitize and wipe down your hotel room when you first enter.

"When you’re in a new public area, like a hotel, you want to be very aware of hand hygiene,” Armitage said.

“Sanitize the common touch surfaces, the telephone, door knobs, the bedside stands.”

“When you’re around strangers, not people within your core family, or social group that you normally see, you should wear a mask," he said. "Wear a mask when checking in at the hotel, going in, paying at the gas station.”

AAA said it predicts vacationers will have a preference for U.S destinations, mostly local and regional locations, and the great American road trip.

The expected rebound in domestic vacations aligns with trends AAA anticipated for summer 2020 pre-COVID-19.

In a March AAA Travel survey, 90% of the 173 million Americans who had summer vacations on the books planned to take a U.S.-based vacation.