Mystery man gives gifts to 2020 graduates in Lone Tree neighborhood

Posted at 9:04 PM, May 26, 2020

LONE TREE, Colo. — An unexpected act of kindness is leaving a mark on a Lone Tree neighborhood and the 2020 graduates who live there.

"I just want to say to this person, 'Thank you.' Thank you for the kindness and support you’ve given to kids who have to go through this," said graduate Jacob Ruth.

Over the weekend, they heard a ring at their door but chose to ignore it. When they checked their doorbell camera video, they saw a man they didn't recognize drop off a letter on their bench located on the porch.

The letter congratulated the graduates and said, "May 2020 bring you hindsight, foresight and most importantly insight!" Two $20 bills were also placed inside the card.

"The 20, 20 kind of lined up so it was like, you know, the 2020 [year]," said Rock Canyon High School graduate Madeline Ashbeck, who found her card lodged in her front door.

"Thank you for spreading a little positivity in this world where everyone is caught up in this pandemic and this virus. With all of the rough stuff happening in the world, to spread that joy to me and all the other graduates on the 2020 class just... thank you," Ashbeck said.

Kurt Parker's son also received the letter.

"All I could do is say, 'Thank you.' That’s a tremendous gift to my son by all means. Especially at a random (time) doing such (a thing) as this," Parker said.

No one knows who delivered the letters with the cash. For the Ruth Family, that's OK.

"I don’t think he wants us to know who he is. He’s just a little angel floating around the neighborhood and I like it like that," said Tina Ruth.