Morrison police urge Denver residents to stay away during coronavirus outbreak

Posted at 9:34 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 08:35:01-04

MORRISON, Colo. — On a warm day it is hard to stay inside. For hikers at Mount Falcon Park near Morrison, the trails are an escape from the socially distanced sidewalks of Denver and Littleton.

"I just love being outside," Gayle Lessmann, of Littleton, told Denver7. "I think that most people are trying to be really cognizant about keeping distance. And wearing masks on the trail."

But Morrison Police Chief George Mumma is not sharing the same enthusiasm.

"Mount Falcon Park is packed. Our officers are up there quite a bit," he explained. "We are trying to control the traffic trying to enforce social distancing which has been a struggle."

There is no ban right now on visiting Mount Falcon Park. The neighboring Red Rocks Trail was closed because of its popularity during the state's stay-at-home order. However, the police chief is asking travelers to not pass through the town.

"Everyone (is) doing the same thing trying to get the exercise in, but in a small area, trying to get to one special place you like to ride or hike — it puts a strain on law-enforcement," Mumma said.

For the hikers practicing social distancing, he said he gets it, the park is a beautiful place to visit during a stressful time. But for the health of his residents, he is asking visitors to stay away.

"Morrison is a draw," he saaid. "I get it. But we’re still trying to take that care and concern approach and keep them healthy."