Local support group holding virtual meetings to help moms connect during coronavirus outbreak

YANA M2M reminds moms, "you are not alone"
Posted at 10:24 AM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 15:06:14-04

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — We take for granted those shared moment with other parents, at the playground when the kids are misbehaving, that smile that tells you you’re not alone. But in the era of social distancing, moms are missing out on those meaningful interactions.

That’s why the support group, YANA M2M, which stands for “You Are Not Alone, Mom to Mom,” is offering virtual support group.

“We have normally had face-to-face meetings and gatherings every week and that’s not happening right now. So we are doing a virtual meeting through Zoom every Thursday, at 2 p.m.,” said YANA founder Nikki Brooker.

Brooker started the group after a tragedy in 2017 in which a Highlands Ranch mother killed herself and her two children. Brooker said she wanted to reach out to other moms and let them know that their struggles are common, and help is available. YANA moms say that support is even more important now.

“Being a new mom is isolating to begin with, and now, not only are you faced with this life and new isolation anyway, but now you can’t leave your house,” said Kim Garcia, a YANA member and mother.

Thankfully, YANA members are having positive experiences with the Zoom meetings. Kristi Swen said being able to see the faces of other mothers and laugh with them is crucial. During one Zoom meeting, she and other moms shared tips on how to make life a little less stressful right now.

“Having breakfast for lunch, or lunch for dinner, or making brownies – things that that provide a little joy and a little bit of ease,” said Swen.

“I cannot get my son to wear a shirt right now,” said Meagan Broeckert, sharing the challenges of life in isolation.

The moms agreed that it’s also important to talk about feelings of depression and loneliness.

“For someone who could really use some support and doesn’t know how to ask for it, this could be a really lonely time,” said Garcia.

Both moms and dads are invited to join the weekly Zoom meetings. Information can be found on the YANA M2M Facebook page or website.