How one Denver hospital has prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine's arrival

Posted at 10:46 AM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 15:13:07-05

DENVER — Sky Ridge Medical Center expects its first round of vaccines to arrive as early as Tuesday — and they've been working on protocols for weeks to administer them.

“We do anticipate it sometime this week and we’re really excited to start getting some people vaccinated,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Lung said.

“The processing is in place but even the dates the timing for all the different providers and staff to come by we haven’t set that up yet because we don’t know when this is going to start,” Lung said.

They've even set aside the people who are at the front of the line, since there won't be enough for everyone this time.

“We have the different tearing system to help get certain groups vaccinated first and those of the providers and staff that are in the ER and ICU and that our daily taking care of our COVID patients,” Lung said.

And they're even splitting up vaccines among HealthOne hospitals to make sure at least some staff at all locations are covered.

“I’m not sure on the exact amount because we’re also making sure that our other hospitals that might not have received enough initial vaccines we wanna be able to if needed supply them with some vaccine to,” Lung said.

Once they get vaccines in, they say needles will be in the arms of those who are first to get it. It’s a process they’ll repeat over and over.

“I don’t see our process changing at least as far as the staff in the hospital. I don’t see our process changing that we have set up when we get the different vaccines in,” Lung said.

The anticipation can be described as a roller coaster, Lung said, and "then you get to the top and you can finally get going."

“We’re just tired of COVID and we want to move on with our lives," Lung said, "and if this is the first step in getting back down to some normalcy, it’s hard not to be excited,”