Group raising money to feed Colorado healthcare workers

Group raising money to feed healthcare workers.jpeg
Posted at 6:01 PM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 11:52:35-04

DENVER — One of the positive things that have come out of the current situation is the amount of support that's been shown for those working on the front lines. That support includes making sure our local hospital workers never go hungry.

The gratitude for hospital workers on the front lines is unmistakable.

"It's actually pretty amazing that people are so generous and helpful and really just want to make sure that we're all doing OK," nurse Carrie Molloy said.

One of the first needs being addressed is making sure hospital workers don't have to worry about their next meal. Feed the Fight is one group answering that call.

"I was trying to find a way to get back," Dr. Matt Montgomery said.

Dr. Montgomery came up with the idea for that during a virtual happy hour with friends.

"They're spread very thin and try to provide great care to many people coming through right now," Dr. Montgomery said.

"Rather than binge-watch Netflix, we wanted to do something to help them out and help other businesses," Feed the Fight organizer Sam Eidson added.

They then started a GoFundMe page to raise money and, in two weeks, raised almost $20,000.

"It's been wonderful. It really hasn't felt like work to me at all. It sort of feels like one aspect of my like I can give back and help those really out there fighting the tough fight," Dr. Montgomery said.

They now help feed more hospitals with the help of donations and local restaurants. Dr. Montgomery understands the need. He's an anesthesiologist at Rose Medical Center.

"Matt is amazing. We work with them pretty often, so for him to come up with this idea to really help us out, it is really nice. It's like he's looking out for us across the board, which is great," Molloy said.

Something the team at the hospital needs right now.

"I can speak for a lot of nurses -- we have a hard time going to sleep at night. So being able to take something off of our docket to just come in and do our job as there's not have to worry about one thing is really nice," Molloy said.

So they can give the thousands of hospital workers, one less thing to worry about.

To donate to Feed the Fight, click here.