Denver neighbors show off 'COVID Creations' in street art show

Posted at 3:18 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 20:48:14-04

DENVER — There are many places that creativity can come from, especially during challenging times. One neighborhood near the University of Denver decided to showcase that with a street art show/competition called "COVID Creations."

“I put a post on Nextdoor that says, 'Who makes cool stuff?' We had 300 replies so I said, 'Let’s have a contest!'” organizer Eric Bauerle told Denver7.

Fifty neighbors brought their handmade works, including paintings, woodworking, quilt and fabric crafts, and more to line half of a block along Vassar Avenue. There were only two rules.

“It just has to be encouraging in nature and made during the lockdown,” Bauerle said, who put the event together alongside his wife.

Some works came from full time artists, others from amateurs. The pieces were eventually judged with the winners taking home gift cards to local restaurants, another way to support the local community.

“I’ve been extremely impressed,” Bauerle added. “I didn’t know we had this kind of creativity and talent in our neighborhood, to be honest.”

“It’s pretty amazing what people can do with their time when they have it,” neighbor Elizabeth Rotter said.

Rotter brought a painting to showcase, titled ‘Synergy.” It depicts a tree and five planets aligned (which happened on a night in mid-April).

“It just shows how we’re still connected even though it seems like we’re out of sorts,” she said.

She isn’t a full time artist, but has been out of work since early March due to the novel coronavirus, and has turned to art as an outlet.

“I’ve had time on my hands and this is how I’ve been using my energy,” she explained.

As neighbors walked by, they wore masks and kept their distance, all while appreciating the unique and positive things that can come from such a challenging situation.

“It’s uplifting to see the people come together and uniting as a community.” Bauerle said.