Denver Health employees create union to 'fight for workers rights' amid pandemic

Posted at 10:12 PM, May 05, 2020

DENVER — They're on the frontlines of this global pandemic, but fed up with a lack of personal protective equipment and hospital policies, Denver Health workers announced Tuesday they are unionizing.

Tired of their current conditions, Denver Health workers are joining in solidarity in hopes of getting a seat at the hospital's executive table.

The Denver Health Workers United cited issues ranging from lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospital policies, including sick time.

"We are scared of getting infected and it would make our anxiety much more easily handled if we knew that our employers were going to provide us with more than just one week paid sick leave and expect us to dip into our paid time off," said a Denver Health employee who asked to keep her identity private for fear of retaliation.

Looking to unionize, a small group of Denver Health employees sought the help of Communication Workers of America.

"Just today with the launch of the public campaign we’ve had dozens of members sign up to be a part of the union," said Loryn Cesario, with Communication Workers of America.

"We just hope that our administration knows that we are here to continue this fight for our patients and for each other. We just want to be armed with the right compensation in the right protective equipment and in the appropriate sick leave because were already tired of fighting," said the Denver Health employee.

Denver Health declined to comment for this story.