Casa Bonita has no plans to permanently close as restaurants fear more restrictions

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Posted at 4:24 PM, Nov 16, 2020

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — There is no timetable for when owners will re-open Casa Bonita, but they tell Denver7 that despite the rumors out there, the West Colfax restaurant is not going away.

Still, Casa Bonita is not faring well amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our plan is to open the business as soon as we believe it’s legally possible,” Summit Family Restaurants President Bob Wheaton said.

The president of the company that owns this unique Colorado landmark wants to be open, but admits it may take time.

“My feeling is the guidelines will not change until there is a vaccine that is widely available to be distributed,” Wheaton said.

The latest vaccine news is promising, but not the increase of restrictions on restaurants, which hurts no matter how established a restaurant is.

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“We opened up at the beginning of June of this year,” Stylus and Crate owner Tadd Overstreet said.

Stylus and Crate also has a fun vibe, but is also reliant on dine in experience.

“Capacity is hurt especially on the weekends. We’re down to 12 inside,” Overstreet said.

Some states have already moved to no indoor dining, which is what many are worried about.

“We’re not built for that. We were really meant for people to come hang out let’s hold us vinyl and have some food and come in and work,” Overstreet said.

“In short, it would be catastrophic to this industry,” Colorado Restaurant Association CEO Sonia Riggs said. “We actually saw from our survey that if restaurants are shut down to indoor dining, almost 25% will consider closing permanently within a month."

Because whether you're a new establishment, or an old one, the goal is to stick around.

“Want to be here for a while this is my retirement that’s the public community engagement the community,” Overstreet said.

“Casa Bonita has been around 50 years and we’re hopeful that it’s going to be around for another 50 years,” Wheaton said.

One thing Denver7 was also told by the owners at Casa Bonita is the need for additional financing to survive. That is something we've heard from a number of places. They know the road ahead is challenging, but they're optimistic to have the attraction back open when they can.