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Thieves target Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks in the Denver metro

Denver police giving away steering wheel clubs
Posted at 10:04 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 14:01:12-04

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DENVER -- Someone stole Chad Boudreau's truck during the hour and a half it took to eat Valentine's Day dinner with his fiancé. The couple was enjoying a fun evening out in Stapleton, but their night was ruined when they walked out to the parking lot of a busy shopping center and realized the truck was missing.

"We had a great dinner, most expensive dinner I’ve ever had," joked Chad Boudreau as he talked about his 2005 Ford F-250.

Statistics from the Denver Police Department show more than 90 reported thefts of Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks since the beginning of this year. During the middle of February, 12 of these trucks were stolen in just one week.

"I've owned a Power Stroke now for probably five or six years now — two of them — and two years ago they tried to steal my old truck twice, so I'm very familiar with that and know it's a huge issue," said Boudreau.

About four weeks after the truck was stolen, he received a phone call from officers in Aurora saying they found it on East Colfax. He just got his beloved truck back from the shop, it had $4,000 worth of damage from the theft.

"I was so excited once I got that call, at least I knew what had happened to it," said Boudreau.

Other viewers have emailed Contact7 with similar stories. Kevin Vigil sent in a picture of his truck that was stolen on March 20 near Green Valley Ranch and Picadilly Road.

Sloane Eberly also sent pictures of a white pickup that someone boldly took from her driveway near 144th and York. It was stolen on April 7 and she's been posting photos on social media to ask for help finding it.

Due to the recent thefts, police are asking truck owners to park in a secure, well-lit area. They want to remind people not to leave key fobs in their vehicles and to utilize steering wheel clubs.