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Single mother in Denver says apartment manager wouldn't relocate her after unit suffered damages

Posted at 9:45 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 00:48:33-04

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DENVER -- A single mother and her family have a roof over their heads tonight thanks to Contact7.

The woman's apartment flooded during Wednesday's storms. She says the rain left the apartment unlivable, and the apartment manager refused to relocate the family.

She reached out to us, hoping to get some answers

”All this was filled with water. The whole thing,” Domisha Mosley said, as she gave Contact7 a tour of her Denver apartment. 

“Everything got destroyed. Everything got wet. My baby's clothes, my clothes, shoes. Everything,” she told Denver7.

Early Monday morning, Mosley's nightmare began. A storm filled her water wells and flooded her entire home.  

"The water was literally up to here, just coming in,” she said.

Mosley is pregnant and a single mother of two small boys. She says she contacted her apartment manager, who had a company remove the water and place fans in her apartment. With no dry clothes left and her home still sopping wet, Mosley asked the company to relocate her family while the apartment dried out. The company refused. She spent the night outside with her two children.

“I don't have any friends I can go to or family members. I don't have anybody to go to. I’ve been crying all day. All night. All morning,” said Mosley.

We went to Mosley's home and saw the mess first hand. We were greeted by a soaked carpet, sopping clothes and couches, and an overwhelming smell.

”It smells terrible. Like mildew and stuff," she said.

We tracked down the apartment manager, who wouldn't go on camera, but who told us they had done everything by the book. They also sent us this statement:

“Ross Management Group has expeditiously taken care of the rain water that entered Ms. Mosley’s unit in the early morning hours of September 5th. A water remediation company was out the morning of the 5th and removed all water and placed fans throughout the unit to properly dry the carpet. We are following all corrective measures and will continue, until the issue is resolved. This unit is found to be in habitable condition.” 

Brooke Atkins/Operations Officer/Ross Management Group

We contacted the Red Cross, who is helping Mosley​​​​​​​ and her family for as long as they need. The young mother says she grateful for Denver7's help, and is already looking to the future.

“Take it day by day to see what I can do to get my sons out of here because this is not livable. I've got to think of something. I got two babies.”