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Scam alert: BBB warns of robocall scam that targets political opinions

Posted at 7:08 AM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 09:18:45-04

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DENVER — If you own a phone, you've likely received a robocall from a recorded voice offering a free vacation or unbelievable deal.

But in a new twist, the Better Business Bureau is warning everyone about a scam that uses politics to steal money and identities.

This scam comes just as Denver voters are getting their ballots in the mail.

Here’s how the scam works: A person receives a call from someone who sounds like President Donald Trump or Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a message about a hotly debated political topic and then the caller asks you to share your political opinion.

“We are seeing some spikes in issues such as on the border wall and the calls are to create some anxiety or high emotion," said Krista Ferndelli, vice president of marketing and communications for the BBB of Denver and Central Colorado. "It is a controversial issue, people do get worked up about it and that’s how they end up convincing you to give up your information for your bank account."

Ferndelli said the best way to protect against this scam is to avoid answering unknown phone numbers and avoid responding to prompts like “press one to continue” or “press two to be removed from this list.” She said by responding, the person confirms that their phone number is correct.

Ferndelli said she also suggests registering for the National Do Not Call Registry.

“Putting yourself on the Do Not Call Registry won’t stop all automatic calls or scams, but it will help you to recognize which ones are scams by volume," she said. "You’ll get less so you can screen them more appropriately."

Ferndelli said as we head into local elections and the 2020 presidential election, these robocalls will increase and it’s important for everyone to stay vigilant.