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Porch pirates striking early this holiday season, so Denver7 is committed to helping you catch them

Posted at 7:50 PM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-28 23:21:32-05

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DENVER -- We're sick of Grinches and we know you are, too. You know who we're talking about, those so-called "porch pirates" who steal packages off your front porch.

So, for the next month, if you capture someone stealing someone's Christmas on camera, send us the video. We here at Denver7 are committed to showing all those videos on air or on social media until the thief or thieves are caught.

Neighbors and entire neighborhoods in Colorado are fed-up with this kind of theft.

"I want them to know - 'No. What you want, you work for. You can’t take what you didn’t earn,'" said Nellie Salas, whose neighbor Kent Steinhaus recently fell victim to porch pirates. Steinhaus caught the theft on his Ring doorbell security camera.

"Actually, I was watching (the theft) from my phone while they were stealing it and I was like, 'Oh man, I wish I would have yelled,' because you can speak through the device," Steinhaus said.

There are ways you can protect your packages: In addition to video doorbells, consider tracking your items with Amazon's real-time delivery tracking system. Or, you can install lock boxes on your front porch where deliveries can be secured.

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Bottom line, thieves are preying on you this holiday, so beware.

“It’s pretty alarming when it happens to you,” Steinhaus said. Fortunately, in his case, he filed a police report and blasted the video over Nextdoor and Facebook and the thieves got caught.

“That video traveled fast,” said Salas.

"I'm pretty proud that our community got themselves involved," Steinhaus said.

The box the thieves stole contained some rubbing alcohol and a dog harness.

“Do they really have any use for those things?” Salas said. “It’s so silly.”

"It's a learning experience for me too, for sure," Steinhaus said. “I plan to do some things different. Maybe I’ll have my packages sent to my work.”