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Parents want help with dangerous school crossing on West Colfax

Heavy traffic at Colfax crossing near Sloan's Lake
Posted at 1:17 PM, Aug 27, 2019

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DENVER — Every morning, Laura Apodoca walks her son from their home near Knox Street and 14th Avenue to Strive Prep Lake Campus. She doesn’t mind the walk, until they reach the crossing at Colfax and Meade.

She and and other parents say drivers seem unaware that there are kids crossing to and from elementary and middle schools every day.

“They’re more worried about being on time to work than a child trying to cross the street,” said Vanessa Vasquez, a parent of two kids.

Apodaca said she has asked Denver Public Schools and her city councilor about possibly getting a different bus route for her son, or a crossing guard.

“It’s so frustrating. I feel cheated, and I feel my son is cheated and his safety is worth more,” she said.

DPS said Apodaca’s son was granted an exception for a bus, despite the fact that he lives within the 2.5-mile walking distance for middle school. The closest stop is .83 miles south of his home, which is father away than the school.

DPS Transportation suggested that students cross Colfax at Knox Court and walk to Lowell Boulevard, then W. 17th Avenue, then Meade Street to get to Strive Prep and Lake Middle School.

Apodaca says she plans to collect data on traffic patterns and collisions to deliver to the city. She and other parents hope drivers on Colfax will pay attention and be aware that there are school kids in the area.