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Neighbors say Littleton indoor shooting range would be too close to homes and schools

Triple J Armory looks to open indoor range
Posted at 5:22 PM, Nov 16, 2018

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Neighbors reached out to Contact7 after learning about plans for a shooting range across the street from their homes and within walking distance to their children's daycare.

Triple J Armory opened a gun store in an office park and the indoor shooting range could be next. According to the City of Littleton, construction already started but it was without proper permits.

Contac7 reached out to Triple J Armory for comment but the company has not issued a response yet. 

A spokesperson for the city said Triple J Armory still has to pay building fees and pick up the permit in order for construction to begin.

"It doesn’t seem to make sense to me with all the places they could’ve put it," said Jim Mascolo, a resident of Highline Crossing.

The gun store moved from a shopping plaza located nearby East County Line Road and Broadway to the 8100 block of Southpark Lane. As several residents point out, the new location is across from homes and close to several schools. 

"I don’t think any mother, father or grandparent whether or not you’re pro-gun or not wants this type of facility a 1,000 feet from where your children are going to school," said Ashleigh Dering, a mom who has young kids attending one of those schools.

Dering said she is not against guns but she just doesn't think it's the best location for a shooting range. She is worried about the company's track record. Triple J Armory has been the victim of break-ins at its previous location, including an incident in May 2017 when criminals drove a Jeep through the front of the business.

"This opens up Pandora's box, it opens up violence in this community," said Dering.