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Missing Christmas package from grandma reunited with Greeley family with help from Contact7 & UPS

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 20:51:25-05

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GREELEY, Colo. — Contact7 is getting results Friday night after a Greeley family reached out when a wrong address on a package meant their kids not getting their Christmas presents from grandma this year.

“It’s a month worth of shopping, thinking and putting her heart into it and you can’t replace that,” said Greeley resident Stacy Anderson of her mother in Iowa. “She individually wraps everything, has special little notes on everything and then she puts it in a great big huge box and sends it.”

After some digging, Conact7 learned an old address made it onto the box that was shipped from Iowa, so the package ended up on someone else’s porch in Colorado.

“There was nothing delivered,” said Anderson.

Over the years this situation has been nothing new for the Andersons, even when the right address is on the box.

“About the same time every year between November, December and January we have packages delivered to somewhere else,” said Anderson.

The family lives on 20th Street Road in Greeley, one of many street names in northern Colorado that may throw off a GPS system.

“We’ve got street lane; we’ve got street roads; we’ve got avenue courts,” said Anderson.

Many times neighbors will correct the mistake.

“They been nice enough to walk them over here to hand deliver them to us so that we receive them,” said Anderson.

After connecting with the family on Friday, Contact7 exchanged multiple phone calls with UPS about the missing Christmas package. UPS sent a delivery driver over to the address that the package was accidentally sent to and the driver was able to get it back. Now the Anderson family will have presents to open from their grandma for Christmas.