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Man fights $545 medical bill for fracture boot that he says he didn't need

Posted at 7:57 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 21:57:44-05

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DENVER -- A Denver man was charged $545 for a medical device he says he didn't even need.

When Del Elmagbari went to urgent care with an injured foot, he was told it was fractured and was fitted with a boot. But after seeing a specialist the next day he was told there wasn't a fracture.

Elmagbari was relived and didn't think about the boot until he received a bill in the mail. 

"Yeah, I didn't even wear it and it's just been home," said Elmagbari.

Even with his insurance, he still owes $216. He's left wondering why he should pay for a boot that he never used for a fracture he didn't even have. 

He reached out to Contact7 after he tried to ask about the bill without any luck.

"And I told them. I actually called them this morning and said I would return it. And she was like no, no and she was very apologetic and then she said, 'I'm just billing and I really can't talk to you about this,'" said Elmagbari.

Contact7 reached out to Medcom Group, the company listed on the bill. No one has responded as of the publishing of this article. 

A spokesperson for UCHealth was also contacted because Elbagbari visited the Steele Street Urgent Care. After Contact7 called, a patient representative reached out and said the case will be reviewed.

"I don't think I should pay it and I think it's a bigger issue than me, a lot of people go through this," said Elmagbari.