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'Give me my money back': Customers say Denver fence company took their money and vanished

Contact7: BBB lists Elcar as 'Out of Business'
Posted at 4:39 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-29 18:45:06-04

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DENVER – A local fencing company appears to have left dozens, maybe even hundreds, of customers high and dry.

Contact7 has fielded several complaints about Elcar Fence and Supply Company of Denver.

The once-reputable fencing company seems to have vanished, taking thousands of dollars from customers who have no fence to show for it.

“I’m just really frustrated,” Audrey Rooney said.

Rooney and her husband, Russell, had a vision for the south side of their driveway.

“The fence was supposed to go from six feet tall in the back and then taper down as it got closer to the road,” Russell Rooney said.

The Rooneys have a similar wrought iron fence on the north side of their driveway, surrounding their yard, which Elcar installed several years ago.

“It’s a good fence,” Russell Rooney said.

This time, it’s been a completely different experience.

“We put down $1,250,” Audrey Rooney said. “We paid with a check. They cashed it right away.”

That was several months ago.

“Back in August,” Audrey Rooney said.

“August?” Denver7’s Russell Haythorn said.

“Yeah, August,” Rooney said.

At first, Elcar told the Rooneys it was waiting on materials. Then, the Rooneys say Elcar simply stopped responding at all.

The Rooneys aren’t alone.

Contact7 has fielded several similar complaints. Contact7 went to Elcar’s physical location on South Valencia to get answers, but the door was locked and the lot was virtually empty, void of any new fencing materials or supplies.

The business across the street did not want to go on camera, but told Contact7 it’s been months since they’ve seen Elcar’s work crews coming or going.

“I’m in the business of construction, and if you don’t honor your commitment, your word is your bond, you know,” Russell Rooney said.

The Rooneys have explored their options, including legal action.

“I called a lawyer,” Audrey Rooney said. “And the lawyer said, you’re better off to go small claims. So then, I started checking into small claims and it’s like, ‘Geez. I’d be paying more going through small claims.’”

Contact7 checked with the Better Business Bureau and a spokeswoman told us Elcar Fence has been suspended. Elcar Fence is also listed as ‘Out of Business’ on the BBB website.

But Contact7 checked, and Elcar’s own website and phone number are still active. So, beware.

“It’s pretty shady,” Audrey Rooney said. “Either they’re defrauding people, or he’s out of business.”

“Get a bunch of money and get some stuff and not honor their agreement,” Russell Rooney said. “It’s very frustrating.”

"Give me my money back," Audrey Rooney said. "That's all I ask."

Editor's Note:

Since our original story aired, the BBB has changed Elcar's rating from 'Out of Business' to an 'F' on the BBB website. The latest 'F' rating was as of Wednesday, May 29, 2019.