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Englewood apartment tenants without heat, hot water as temps drop

Posted at 10:39 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 00:41:35-04

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It’s hard to believe that with temperatures dropping some people are going to bed without heat and even hot water. 

Some Englewood residents who live in an apartment complex called Contact 7 after several days in the deep freeze.

Tenants at the Gold Nugget Apartments in Englewood have had enough.

“We can't do laundry; we have no hot water and no heat,” Sarah Boger told Denver7’s Tom Mustin.

Last Thursday, managers turned off the gas after a leak. Since then, tenants like Larry George have had no heat and no hot water, with temperatures plunging into the freezing territory.

“Put on a sweat suit and a couple of blankets and hope for the best,” said Larry. "It’s supposed to freeze tonight, Larry. What are you going to do?” asked Mustin. "Be cold,” he replied.

Larry says when his apartment gets too cold he goes into his car. The apartment manager sent a letter saying the heat will return on Wednesday — a week after being turned off. That’s not acceptable to Taylor Arellano and his 4-year-old child.

"Luckily, grandma let us borrow a space heater so we're doing what we can. I boiled water to do the dishes today. She's got school. She's been going to school. I can't even give her a bath,’ said Arellano.

Sarah Boger says attempts to get answers from management have failed.

"I’m freezing. They're not even trying to give us any answers. They just say, ‘we're trying,’” she said.

We contacted SKM Management — the apartment owner. They told us the original contractor fell through on Thursday. They'll get a permit Tuesday and then hopefully have the gas turned on by Wednesday after a pressure test.

But after several days in the deep freeze, Larry and his fellow tenants say they'll believe it when they see it.

"Treat us like people around here. Fix the heat,” Larry said.

We alerted Englewood Police to the problem. They’ve gone to the complex and offered shelter to any families that need it.