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Edgewater man has car stolen, trashed after sister killed in car crash

Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 13, 2018

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EDGEWATER, Colo. -- An Edgewater man is working to try to move forward after falling victim to multiple crimes this year. George Journey reached out to Contact7 back in May when a car crash killed his sister. Now he's without a car after thieves stole, trashed and abandoned the replacement from the accident.

"It’s been really, really hard,” said Journey.

He reached out to Contact7 earlier this year and this week to help move forward from experiencing both hard times.

"For criminals to hit him again and destroy his car, he's back in the same boat,” said Kirk Burris, Journey’s friend.

Burris is helping fix Journey’s car from the damage done while it was stolen.

“It appears to me after they had smashed the windows, broke the ignition and trashed the motor, it was malicious after the fact,” said Burris. “They victimize everybody, for what? Nothing.”

Burris believes the car was involved in a recent string of smash and grabs in the Denver Metro Area after finding rocks inside the car when it was recovered. The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office came out to look at the car’s damage. Investigators took evidence in the backseat, including stolen cash registers and credit cards.

Aurora Police arrested two juveniles last week, believed to be responsible for 41 smash and grab incidents 

“What did they do? They went and broke into a bunch of mom and pop businesses, these people had what 100 dollars in the cash drawer?” said Burris. “Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage.”

Journey’s car isn't the only thing that's been taken from him this year. A car crash killed his sister this spring, totaling that car too.

“I have a car now, but I don't have her anymore,” said Journey.

Burris started a GoFundMe page for Journey. He is raising money to buy parts to fix Journey’s car so he can drive it again.