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Denver-area DoorDash drivers warn about scam asking dashers for login information

Posted at 4:51 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 19:52:37-04

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AURORA, Colo. -- A woman who reached out to Contact7 about not getting paid from her employer, food delivery company DoorDash, finally got reimbursed. After the story aired last week, DoorDash this morning contacted her to get hundreds of dollars she's owed into her account. Denver7 also dug deeper during this situation to learn about a growing scam in the DoorDash community.

The latest scam has fake customers scamming drivers out of their paychecks by gaining access to their account login information.

Denver7 connected with a few DoorDash drivers or “dashers” to learn about the problem.

Dashers said when someone orders through the delivery service, the customer can then contact the driver through a blocked number. When the scam call goes through, that person says the order was canceled, in some cases promising a few hundred dollar bonus.

Before that step, the driver is asked to go through a verification process by providing their login email and a verification code for their account. Once the scammer has all of that information, they gain full access to the driver's account and can reroute the funds and banking information.

“What they do is they go in and they change fast pay, which is how we get paid daily through DoorDash instead of waiting a week, and then they cash the money out to their accounts and then the dasher is out of money,” said DoorDash driver Rubye Dyer.

Denver7 reached out to DoorDash and they said they are in the process of alerting employees about the scam going around and how they can avoid falling victim to it.

“Door Dash is already working on sending a mass message or a reminder to our dashers and that way no other dashers can be victims,” said a DoorDash customer service representative. “Our team is working on those victims trying to locate and investigate the hacker or the scammers. We are also trying to have those funds reimbursed or somehow we can get the funds back to the dasher’s account.”

DoorDash is advising dashers to update their logins and passwords so hackers do not gain access to their accounts.