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Denver requires you to fix sidewalks on your property, but what about its own crumbling sidewalks?

Posted at 6:24 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 20:44:48-04

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DENVER — We've heard from many of you about our crumbling sidewalks and reported how the city is enforcing an old ordinance requiring homeowners to fix sidewalks on their property. But Contact7 spotted a few dilapidated sidewalks at City Park and went to find out if the city would be fixing its own sidewalks.

Annie Huggins walks daily at City Park and has noticed the aging sidewalks.

"If we are all going to do our civic duty, the city should be doing it as well," said Huggins.

Many people come to the popular park for the views or a jog.

"There's a lot of sidewalks that are lifting around Denver. I mean, Denver is getting older," she said.

In August, the City of Denver started enforcing an old ordinance that holds property owners responsible for fixing cracks or uneven sidewalks sections that are greater than 3/4 of an inch.

Sarah Mattingly said she'd seen the same type of ordinance in many major cities across the country where she’s owned homes in the past.

"It’s harsh because people aren’t accustomed to it here. They've been getting away with it, and the sidewalks are horrid," said Mattingly." If they can’t afford to do these how in the world can they afford to do them in front of every private road?"

Nancy Kuhn, the spokesperson for Denver Public Works, said they're working on repairing sidewalks they own. But they just haven’t made their way to City Park yet for inspections.

To give you an idea of how many sidewalks are in bad shape across the city, Denver estimates more than half of city homeowners need repairs.

Some think whether it’s fair or not — to put the cost on homeowners, it’s all for the greater good.

"We want to keep people out in Denver. We don't want people not walking around and only going in their cars. Denver is a beautiful  city, and we should be enjoying it," said Huggins.