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Denver homeowner says newly planted trees were stolen out of her yard

"It just broke my heart"
Posted at 4:30 PM, May 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 17:27:55-04

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DENVER -- Norma Clark is trying to sell her home and she was hoping some added curb appeal would entice buyers, but she never expected her newly planted trees would attract criminals.

"You’re like, 'Something is wrong here.' I saw holes, holes in the ground and it just broke my heart," said Clark.

Clark said she was getting ready to mow her lawn the next day when she realized the trees were missing. Her brother had just helped plant them the day before.

"I cried, it was just... it was just disheartening. I’m sorry, you know, because you work so hard on something and you try so hard and some people just don’t get it," said Clark.

The eight small pine trees were located along her fence in front of the home and on the side, now only the holes are left. She wonders if someone who was driving by or walking in the area saw her planting the trees and decided to come back that night.

Clark is trying not to feel deflated but the past couple of years have been tough. She is trying to sell her home to help pay for her daughter's medical bills after battling leukemia.

"So with trying to get through that and medical expenses, that's why we put the house on the market, so we could take a deep breath and relax a little bit," said Clark.

Neighbors are outraged by the crime and they've been writing messages of support on Nextdoor.

“It is good to see the neighborhood come together because this is not typical of our neighborhood," said neighbor Jerry Saltzman.

Clark doesn't know if she'll be able to replace the trees right away. She saved up to buy them and says money is tight.

"It’s a lot of money because of medical bills and things, it’s just a lot of money," said Clark.