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Denver apartment complex without heat; residents concerned over dropping temperatures

Posted at 11:46 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 02:09:08-05

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DENVER -- As temperatures continue to drop, some residents living in the Benedict Park Place apartment complex are concerned about their safety. Since last week, they’ve been without heat and hot water.

“We don’t have anywhere else to go stay and we shouldn’t have to, we should be able to come home to hot water and heat,” says one resident, a mother of two children, who did not want to be identified for this story for fear of retaliation from management.

To keep warm, those living in the apartments were forced to take drastic steps.

“I turned my oven on so we can at least get the living room area heated up and then we had to boil the biggest pots that we have to have water for baths,” said another resident who chose to remain anonymous.

Ross Management is in charge of the complex. They say they’ve been trying to fix the problem but have had setbacks, including Monday morning when a pipe burst.

”Up until about 4 o’clock it was going back on and it wasn’t an issue, there was an additional problem that was discovered and that’s when we immediately sprung into action from there,” said Brooke
Akins of Ross Management.

Notes were placed on every door letting tenants know of the problem and offering space heaters to anyone who asked.

"Maintenance is able to provide them [tenants] with a space heater. If that won’t work for their needs, then we are able to provide alternative housing and we are coordinating that with the resident," said Akins.

Ross Management offered to pay for hotels for all residents. On Monday night, they said they went door-to-door to let every know what their options were.

Ross Management told residents they expect to have the heat back on by Tuesday.