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Contact7 helps Denver veteran get mold fixed

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 11, 2019

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DENVER -- It's not often you are willing to allow 15 total strangers into your home, but Ethel Jones is thankful they're all here.

“I had mold in the house and they’re getting the mold out,” she said.

This story starts with a call to Contact 7

“You said you called channel 7?,” her Reverend James asked.

“Yeah, I kept seeing it on TV where they came out to help help people, you know, so I called,” she replied.

We got her in touch with Rebuilding Together Metro Denver who wanted to help.

The mold mitigation work won't be fully done until later this week, but they also installed new handrails and cleaned carpets.

“In the kitchen we replaced an outlet underneath the sink and then we installed a new stove,” Rebuilding Together team captain Bret May said.

And they’re helping remove a lot of clutter.

“She’s already looking like she’s happy with what’s going on,” May said.

“It’s nice. It’s the really nice,” she added.

“This one’s very special to me because Ethel’s been in the Air Force, her husband was also the Air Force,” May said.

“I was a medic. I worked in the hospital and my husband, he was an instructor. He put the guys through the basic training,” she said.

Her son was also in the Army. And the guy leading the work Monday?

“I was in the Navy for six years,” May said.

Which is why he really wanted to lead the effort.

“This is great. It was neat seeing her Reverend James come over here and sit next to her on the couch,” May said.

“So that’s what happened to me on Veterans Day,” Jones said.

A Veterans Day she'll never forget.

“Thanks for letting us clean this up,” Rebuilding Together Exceutive Director Jodie Liddy said.

“Oh my goodness, thank y’all for doing it,” Reverend James replied.