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Community steps up to replace trees for Denver woman after someone stole them out of the ground

Posted at 4:49 PM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 21:49:36-04

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DENVER -- When Norma Clark posted about her stolen trees on the social media platform Nextdoor, she just wanted to vent. She couldn't believe someone dug up the trees she planted a day earlier with help from her brother.

"I saw holes, holes in the ground and it just broke my heart," said Clark.

A neighbor saw her post online and told Contact7 about the theft. We couldn't believe it either, so we just had to do a story about it and the response has been overwhelming.

After the story aired, viewers reached out to see how they could help. Many people asked if there was a way to donate money to replace Clark's trees. People were able to contribute funds through Contact7 Gives and within days there was enough money to replace the trees.

"This just shows people care, it just shows that there’s still love and community out there and that people are willing to help you," said Clark.

The owners of Pine Lane Nursery, Kurt and Angie Hughes, were touched by the story and wanted to help. The nursery worked to maximize the donations to Contact7 Gives and the Hughes also donated one of the trees.

“It’s the opportunity to give, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what helps us all in our hearts," said Angie Hughes.

Pine Lane Nursery delivered the trees Thursday morning and helped plant them alongside some of Clark's neighbors.

"I think, especially during these times, that we have to pull together and we have to support each other and get every bit of joy and love that we can in any situation because it’s very difficult right now," said Hughes.