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Community steps up to make sure Littleton woman is safe and dry in her home with new roof donation

Michelle McNamara worried her roof would cave in
Posted at 5:11 PM, Nov 15, 2019

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Michelle McNamara hasn't been sleeping in her bedroom, and that's because the roof is leaking so bad she was worried the ceiling would cave in on her. Her story touched the hearts of viewers and local businesses who wanted to make sure she didn't have to worry about her roof anymore.

"It’s amazing, I mean the hearts of people here in Colorado are amazing. I’ve lived here my whole life in Colorado and I’m just, I can’t believe it," said McNamara.

Denver7 aired her story in late October and the response was immediate. McNamara had previously suffered three critical strokes that left her unable to work. She used her pension savings to buy her home and spent at least $1,700 to fix the roof. Despite the repairs it continued to leak, leaving her out of options and money.

"It's amazing because as soon as you got involved, I mean people were coming out of the woodwork to help and people were here immediately, I mean, like the next day," said McNamara.

A company called Primestar Property Solutions donated labor to fix the roof and a nonprofit called Love Bears All paid for the materials.

"You know as we go into the holidays there's just so much that we can do as businesses, as individuals and this is just one example, but hopefully this is something that changes her life for the better and also something that makes other people think about what they can do for their neighbors in their community," said Jeremy Reitsema, Co-Owner of Primestar Property Solutions.

Another company called Restoration 1 also offered to come out and inspect the home for any signs of mold. They have volunteered to help with repairs to the interior.

Other viewers wanted to help McNamara through the Contact7 Gives fund. Those donations will be used to purchase gift cards to help her out with groceries and other household items.

"It’s a blessing. I mean, I don’t have to worry about my roof caving in," said McNamara.