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Mystery urn pops up among sold items after Arvada estate sale

Posted at 5:58 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 06:06:03-04

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ARVADA — A small, pink urn was discovered among sold items from an Arvada estate sale, yet the homeowner had no idea who it belonged to.

“It is silver in color with a pink inlay,” Mitch Gaffney, who ran that estate sale, told Contact7.

The customer who purchased it had bought a box of items out of a back shed at the sale on 52nd Avenue in Arvada. That customer returned the urn to Gaffney.

“It does have ashes in it, yes,” he explained.

The urn, which also has a rose and other decorations carved into it, also has another clue.

“There is a name. It’s typed on a typewriter and stuck on a sticker on the bottom of the urn,” Gaffney said. “It says Linda Waska.”

Yet in all of Mitch’s research, he can’t find anyone with that name. That’s why he came to Contact7 for help.

“I can’t throw it in the trash. I need to find out who it is, where they belong,” he said.

UPDATE: Linda's daughter contacted Denver7. She was reunited with the ashes.