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Arapahoe County family says dirt mound has disappeared from outside their home

Family credits contact 7 for resolving issue with builder
Posted at 10:37 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-20 00:57:11-05

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- A family is crediting Contact7's involvement in resolving their problem after mountains of dirt appeared behind their home following what they claim was retaliation from their home builder for complaining about the lack of repairs to their property.

Tim Mitchell is a much happier camper than he was a week ago.

"Life is good, yeah. I'm very excited," he said.

Workers are making repairs on his home and the mound of dirt blocking his backyard is gone.

"A lot better view than we had before," laughed Mitchell.

Mitchell and his wife had recently purchased a Richmond home in Arapahoe County. Months after moving in, they found problems with their patio, plumbing and banister and were told they'd have to pay for repairs themselves. Frustrated, Mitchell put up a sign, chastising the builder. Richmond countered by refusing to talk to the couple, and piling an 18-foot-wall of dirt near the home to block the sign.

Last Tuesday, Mitchell called Contact7.

"My wife was calling me 'cause they kept piling more dirt. I reached out to Contact7, it was like 2:30. You guys called me at 3, and you were on your way," he laughed.

Thirteen hours after our story ran, the president of Richmond Homes arrived at the home and apologized to Mitchell's wife, Tanja.

"(He) sat down with her and talked about all the issues. Before he walked out, he told my wife the dirt would be removed asap and we would have all the issues addressed," said Mitchell.

Work crews took away the dirt, and Wednesday, teams arrived to address the other issues.

"They actually brought in two third-party structural engineers to come look at the slab," said Mitchell.

Now the Mitchell's say they're once again enjoying their view, and feeling grateful for the helping hand.

"Thanks to Contact7. If you really have a burning issue, and you're just up against the wall, reach out to them. They're an excellent team to work with, " said Mitchell.

Richmond Homes has repeatedly refused to comment on our story.

Tim Mitchell said they told him their home was never actually targeted — dirt was simply being moved from one place to another.