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After a 2-year wait and a bad contractor, Lakewood house is transformed thanks to viewers

Dan Evanoff says it looks like a home again
Posted at 2:10 PM, Oct 18, 2019

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DENVER – Dan Evanoff walked around his house watching crews work on siding and install new windows. The sound of a nail gun and saw finally meant progress after his home was left unfinished by another contractor.

Evanoff's home was damaged in a 2017 hail storm so he went through the Better Business Bureau to hire someone to fix it. He ended up picking Mark McGoatry and his company, Grand Mountain Construction Company, based out of a post office box in Englewood.

Evanoff’s homeowner’s insurance cut him a check and told him to pay the entire bill. McGoatry’s subcontractors quickly pulled the damaged siding off Evanoff’s home and stuck in a couple ill-fitting windows. Then, after not getting paid by Grand Mountain, they left the job site and left the job less than half finished.

Contact7 ran a story about Evanoff's home in late September and offers to help started coming in that same day.

"It’s fantastic," Evanoff said. "I can’t believe people just step up like that. I didn’t expect it. I did not expect it."

Beard Brothers Roofing came out to survey the home and offered to install brand new windows for free.

"I reached out to my window installer, Dave, and said if you want to donate your labor, I’ll donate the windows and let's get this guy’s home sealed up before winter," said Michael Austell with Beard Brothers Roofing.

Another company, Prestige Exterior Home Improvement, volunteered to install the siding. They called up their friends and Stars Painting and asked if they would be willing to give the home a fresh coat of paint.

"We were having breakfast and these guys sent me over a picture of what happened here, and we just decided to jump on the opportunity," said Gerardo Hernandez with Prestige Exterior Home Improvement. "We thought what better way to help someone."

As each piece of siding started going up, Evanoff said he felt his stress going away. He said he was embarrassed when people would see him walking in the front door of his home but now it's a home he can be proud of once again.

It's perfect timing too, the home will be ready just as colder weather is moving in. It was drafty and freezing in the winter without any siding, now it will be warm again.

"I went through a couple of winters like that and I didn’t want to do it again," Evanoff said. "It was really hard."