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Residents at Mint Urban Infinity Apartments haven't had air conditioning in weeks

Property manager emails show repairs continually delayed
Mint Urban Infinity Apartments
Posted at 3:48 PM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 19:47:20-04

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DENVER — For many, home is a refuge, especially during winter storms or extreme heat, but at the Mint Urban Infinity Apartments in Denver, residents have lost that homey feeling during the record-breaking heat.

"These apartments are nice. They could be beautiful, you could have good tenants, you could have a productive business. but you can’t have it like this," said Tina Franklin, a resident.

Franklin and her family moved into her apartment in February. Around the end of May, residents received an email saying the property was transitioning from the broiler to the chiller, and the work would be done rather quickly.

"We expect to have all the buildings fully transitioned by the end of the week," Franklin read from the email the property sent.

To this day, there is still no air conditioning in all of the buildings.

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The heat forced Franklin and her family to invest in an AC unit, but even that barely brings the temperature down.

"I had to go sleep in my car with my air conditioner running," Franklin said.

Franklin wasn’t the only one who reached out to Denver7 with similar issues either. Other viewers say they also haven't had AC in weeks and spend most of their day trying to stay cool in their dark bedroom. Another viewer wrote to us saying even the pool was closed for maintenance, and they were in the process of canceling their lease.

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"This is getting ridiculous," Franklin said.

A note on the office’s window says staff is working behind closed doors due to a recent increase in resident inquiries. When Denver7 asked for answers, staff directed us to corporate and told us we were trespassing.

Cardinal Group Companies, which owns the complex, replied with a statement saying, “We are aware of the chiller issue at the community and are working as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. The unusually high heat at this time of year across the area has contributed to delays to repair the equipment but it will be back up as soon as possible. We apologize to our valued residents that are inconvenienced."

Denver7 replied asking for a timeline but none was given.